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Below are some samples of our templates (in format).  All files are copyright protected by their respective companies.  Please respect the ownership and privacy rights of our clients.  Although all files are low-res (for online viewing only), they may still take some time to load due to their graphical nature.  Please be patient.  Also, make sure that you view the .pdfs at 100% (when you are in Acrobat Reader, you can change the size in the lower left-hand corner).  If you don't have Acrobat Reader, please click here to download it for free.  Enjoy!

Templates are a creative, yet professional way to communicate with prospects or clients.  The basic strategy of a template is to create a professionally-printed, full color piece (with bleeds and other savvy design elements) that can be run through an office printer to add the content (text) portion of the piece.  This requires less time (printing only black ink) while producing a quality piece that maintains consistency in branding, look & feel, and other critical design requirements.  Templates are useful for companies who have the following needs:

  • the need to change content regularly

  • the need to customize content based on the client/prospect

Here are some samples:

Custom Environmental Services

Abacus Platinum Program

Legacy Funding

Mosaic Lending


Premier Lot Services