Marketing Consulting Services

A Figure of Speech, Inc. provides expert consulting for critical business initiatives, including:

  • Early-stage strategy and planning,

  • Branding,

  • Market opportunity analysis (MOA), and

  • Business/marketing plan development. 

Due to the confidential nature of these documents, we are unable to post samples to our Web site.  If you are interested in meeting to discuss these services further, we can bring samples for your review.

Unlike other consulting firms, we don't just leave you hanging after consulting you on important marketing strategies that must be implemented in order to reach your audiences, gain market share, and contribute to the bottom line.  We develop and deliver the tactics that support those strategies.  Our ability to take 'big picture' direction and focus on the details and deliverables that must be fulfilled to achieve your business goals separates us from other consultants and agencies. 

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Agency or Consultant?

As business owners of successful service firms, we have an understanding of the agency model and recognize the inherent challenges.  Some of our prospects sit on the fence on whether they should hire a small firm or engage a large agency for fulfillment of a marketing plan or project.  Our experience has shown us that the typical agency process centers on higher costs to meet large overhead.  The client-agency relationship often begins with meeting senior partners but then transfers to entry-level employees working on marketing programs and campaigns (rarely seeing or hearing from the senior ‘deal maker’ again).   

Our consultant model allows you to work continually and directly with an experienced professional.  Our model focuses on a customer-centric approach where you are the biggest priority and your business objectives become ours.

Plenty of Additional Resources...

In order to supplement our marketing expertise, we bring additional resources to the "mix" when necessary.  Our partnerships, associations, and memberships in various organizations plus our dedicated networking and connection to the Denver business community allows us to provide our clients with top-notch referrals in other specialties.  Please contact us if you need a referral or resource.

If you have questions on any our consulting services, please call us at 303.400.5484 or send us an email.




Special Note:
Some of the material on this marketing services portion of our Web site was developed from Philip Kotler's writing on marketing and a DM Review 1 to 1 marketing article by Mary Peterson.  Please call us for more information on these sources.